Properties and purpose: Royal Jelly is the most valuable bee product. It is a concentrate of amino acids, vitamins (B5, B6, C), minerals, enzymes, trace elements and essential fatty acids such as 10 HDA, which is found only in royal jelly. Royal jelly due to the presence of immunoglobulins increases the body’s natural resistance to various infections and diseases. It has a positive effect on increasing energy, general condition of the body, strengthening immunity, improves physical mobility and has a positive effect on people exposed to heavy physical and mental effort (memory, learning, sports).

Ingredients: Royal Jelly contains royal jelly, dry extract of acerola (Malpighia glabra L.), maltodextrin, fructose, acidity regulator (citric and malic acid), orange aroma, color (beta carotene E 160a) and sweeteners (sucralose) K).

Packing: 10 sachets

Dosage and method of use: Adults and children over 3 years one sachet per day, in the morning on an empty stomach for a period of 3 weeks. Pour the contents of the sachet into 150 ml of water, mix with a plastic or wooden spoon and drink the prepared drink immediately. . The product is suitable for diabetics and can be used several times a year.

Storage: Store at temperatures up to 25 ºC, out of reach of children.