Properties and purpose: Herbifit Hederin ivy syrup is used to relieve the discomfort of chronic inflammatory diseases of the bronchi and acute inflammation of the respiratory tract that are accompanied by cough. Contains dry ivy leaf extract containing 4-5% triterpene saponins of which hederacoside C and alpha hederin which help with coughing and relaxation of the bronchial muscles. Simultaneously with relaxation of the bronchial muscles soothes the cough. Ivy leaf belongs to the group of reflex plant expectorants.

Ingredients: 100 g Herbifit Hederin ivy syrup contains 0.35 – 0.7 g dry ivy leaf extract, Hederae folii extractum siccum (4-8: 1) (extraction agent 30% m / m ethanol) corresponding to 70 mg hederacoside C.

Other Ingredients: Each 2.5 ml syrup contains 1,078 g of sorbitol. The product contains glycerol which can cause headache, stomach upset and diarrhea.

Dosage and method of use: Adults and children over 12 years 15 ml three times a day, children aged 6 to 12 years 10 ml twice a day and children 2 to 6 years 5 ml twice a day.

Storage: Store at temperatures up to 25 ºC, out of reach of children. Shake the bottle before use.